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Metairie Roof Washing

Let’s just face it first impressions are important. Many homeowners spend thousands of dollars to make the outside of their home beautiful and appealing. But while we spend lots of time in our gardens and cutting our lawns often some of the most important things remain undone. Over time the exterior of our homes gets dirty, grimy and stained. This is a subtle change and can go unnoticed until it requires a little professional cleaning. While most homeowners can clean the exterior of their home on their own, using a professional has its advantages. Our team at Metairie Roof Washing Pros has all the right equipment to clean and wash every aspect of your home from the sidewalk all the way up to the roof.

If you are considering cleaning up your house call the pros for your Metairie Pressure washing needs today we offer free consultation and quotes. See why 9 out of 10 people agree that Metairie pressure washing is your best choice in exterior house washing.

We are a locally owned and operated company. We care about our customers and their satisfaction. We take every job seriously as if we were cleaning our own homes. Here at Metairie roof cleaning you can trust that when you hire us you are getting a team of dedicated workers with your satisfaction in mind. We have all the correct equipment to clean and wash the entire exterior of your home. All work will be done by qualified technicians and you rest assured that we are fully licensed and insured so that not only that we are protected but also you and your home. Call today for a free quote and get your house clean. Make sure to check out Facebook Page.

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Pressure Washing

Specializing in exterior washing of your homes and businesses. We have all the right equipment to get the job done right.

Roof Washing

If you have a stained and dirty roof, look no further. The pros at Metairie Roof Cleaning has all the right tools to get the job done.

Driveway and Parking lot Cleaning

Cement can get stained and dirty over time. Leave it to the pros to make sure that your driveway stays clean and free from dirt and grime. Contact us for your driveway cleaning today.

Fencing and Deck Cleaning

If it is dirt we can wash it. From fences to fleet vehicles, Metairie roof washing has you covered. Call today for a free fence and deck cleaning quote today.

Grafitti Removal

Haven’t been able to get that embarrassing graffiti from your building or residential house off? We are the professional company in Metairie that can help.
Need Graffiti removal? Contact us now for assistance.

Rust Stain Removal

Here’s some advice-don’t just sit there, call us today. You don’t want to live with that rust stained driveway for one more day and we can help you fix it!

Window Washing

Get your month’s worth of grime and dirt off with Metairie Roof Washing Pros. We specialize in commercial window washing,

Commercial Building Cleaning

Regular exterior cleaning by Metairie Roof Washing Pros is well worth the time; we’ll take of all hard work so you can focus on what matters most: making money!.

Pressure washing Service in Metairie

Metairie Pressure Washing Service

If you want to maintain a beautiful home with nice curb appeal pressure washing on an annual or bi-annual basis can help keep your house clean and looking great. Our professionals at Metairie roof cleaning have all the right equipment to safely clean your home. The exterior of your home is there to protect it from outside elements. our qualified technicians know exactly what to use and what is safe to make sure that the exterior of your home is not damaged during the cleaning process. Certain chemicals can be used on brick siding and wood. But certain chemicals also should be avoided. You can trust that our team has everything covered.


While pressure washing in itself is not a very complicated process but it can become a problem when done incorrectly. Pressure washing is done by sending water through a pump that is run by an engine. The pressure coming out of the machine can be significant. Different tips are used to harness the power of the water. If the pressure is too high or the wrong tip is used damage can be caused to the surface of what you are washing. Pressure washers can score concrete brick and even break and put holes in vinyl siding and wood. It is important that you hire a professional that is not only qualified but also licensed and insured to make sure that any damage caused will be covered. It is important to have peace of mind when hiring someone to do work around your home. That is why we strive to give our customers not only the best service but also trust that we can do the job we were hired to do.

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Driveway and Flatwork Cleaning


Concrete over time can get dirty and discolored. Oil and grease can be difficult to move once it has set in and have stay in the concrete. The pros at Metairie pressure washing uses commercial grade power washing equipment to effectively clean your driveway from dirt and grime. Cleaning your driveway often keeps the cost down and keeps it looking new for years to come. So if you’re tired of looking at that old dirty driveway and you would like to put some new life into it give us a call today for a free quote and we would be happy to come by.

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Deck Cleaning

Metairie roof cleaning loves cleaning outdoor decks. Outdoor bags can add much value and enjoyment to any home. But depending on sunlight and location these decks can easily begin to grow mold and mildew and even moss. These growths can be difficult to remove. Call us today so that you can go back to enjoying a nice clean deck over the weekend we use safe non-toxic products when pressure washing your deck. You can also trust that your deck is safe in our hands with years of experience our technicians know exactly what type of pressure and tip to use when pressure washing your deck so not to damage it. Call us today for free estimate.

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Fence Cleaning

Just like your home fences over time begin to lose their fresh look. Dirt and grime can build up over time making your fence look dingy and old. Whether it is wood metal or vinyl the pros at Metairie roof washing can clean your fence for you. While homeowners can accomplish this task on their own we strongly suggest to research what type of chemicals are safe on your fence. Certain types of chemicals can fade the color or damage the material. Not only do we clean residential fences but also commercial fences as well. Remember curb appeal plays an important role on how people view you not only your home but also your business. give us a call today and let us come by and take a look at that dirty fence and let us get it clean again.

Roof Washing Metairie

Roof Washing

At Metairie roof cleaning we specialize in roof washing. We use the non-invasive techniques to make sure that we can clean your roof without damaging the shingles. Special chemicals are used to kill and clean allergy mildew and mold that can be growing on your roof. Often times a dirty roof goes unnoticed. But over time Bruce tends to collect dirt and algae, leaving them a different color from when they were originally installed. This allergy while not damaging the roof does make the roof look old and dingy. A good roof washing leaves the roof looking new again. During the roof washing process, all exterior plants are carefully covered or cleaned off to make sure that no damage is caused to your landscaping or other parts of your home. you can trust Mandeville roof washing for all your roof washing needs. Give us a call today and let us come by and give you a free estimate. Roof Washing can be done in just one day and makes a dramatic difference what the look of your home.

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Commercial Washing

Commercial buildings and businesses understand the importance of keeping up appearances. A business that is operated out of a dirty business may be viewed as unprofessional. That is why is important to keep up with the cleaning. The pros at Metairie roof washing can set up appointments to come in and pressure wash your building outside of office hours. This is important because we do not want to disturb and keep you from making money. Without a professional team and professional equipment, you can trust that your business will look better than ever once we are finished with it. We know how to effectively handle all our equipment to achieve the best possible job. Call us today for a free quote.

Pressure Washing Commercial

Grafitti Cleaning

When your home or business has been vandalized by graffiti, you may feel that there is no way to get it off. You are likely to consider repainting the affected area, but this can be costly and time-intensive.
Luckily, we have a solution for you! We offer affordable rates for our services and will work quickly so that your property will not suffer any further damage from the sun’s harmful rays while we restore it back to its original state.
Our team of professionals offers customer service with a smile and fast response times in order to help you through this unfortunate situation. Don’t hesitate—contact us as soon as possible after noticing vandalism on your property so that we can begin restoring it right away!

window cleaning

Window Cleaning

Your windows are dirty, but you don’t want to do the work yourself. You also don’t want to pay a lot of money for someone else to wash your windows when you can do it yourself.
We offer a solution that is fast, affordable, and will save you time while providing superior results! Our trained technicians use state-of-the-art equipment and application techniques that will leave your home or business looking brand new in no time!
Let us handle all of the hard work so you can enjoy clean windows without all of the hassle. Give our window cleaning services a call today for an estimate on how much it would cost to have your home or business cleaned by Metairie Roof Washing Pros/ window washing. No matter if we’re washing one single pane or thousands, we’ll get them sparkling clean with minimal effort from you!

Rust stain Removal

Rust Removal

Rust is a common problem in many areas. It can be caused by moisture, water, and even airborne particles that are present in the air we breathe. The result of rusting is unsightly stains on surfaces such as roofs, cars, fences, and so much more.
You may have tried to remove these stains yourself with products like bleach or other chemicals found at home improvement stores but you never got satisfactory results from them. We understand how frustrating it can be when trying to get rid of these stains without help from professionals who know what they’re doing.
Our team here at Metairie Roof Washing Pros has years of experience dealing with all kinds of rust problems both residential and commercial properties face every day due to the harsh New Orleans weather conditions our city faces regularly throughout the year. We use specialized equipment along with cleaning solutions designed specifically for removing rust from any surface imaginable including your roof! If you want your property looking clean again give us a call today.

Tips on hiring a pressure washing contractor.

Presuure washing serviceHiring a contractor can be frustrating. With so many options from which to choose, it’s hard to know what you really want. You might find yourself in the weeds of an endless list of company names and websites with no idea how to start narrowing down your choices. Or worse, you could end up hiring a contractor who doesn’t have all the skills or experience that they claimed on their website and regret it later. Fortunately, there are some tips on hiring a contractor which can help guide you during this process:

1) Get at least three bids – It’s essential to get estimates and references for any contractors you interview before making your decision.

2) Consider whether the company offers project management – If you cannot manage the project yourself, or if you’re out of state or even overseas, a reputable company should provide some reliable managerial service.

3) Find out how long your contractor has been in business – While there is no guarantee that a company that has been in business longer will do a better job than one that’s younger, it’s generally safer to contract with the former. New companies have not yet proven their reliability, and they may encounter difficulties down the road.

4) Don’t let price be your only determining factor – It’s always tempting to go with the cheapest contractor, but remember that you get what you pay for. If price is your only determining factor, this could be a signal that you are not as committed to completing the project.

5) Make sure the contractor is licensed and insured – If you want to find out more about the licensing requirements of a particular field in your state, check with your secretary of state’s office. Some states even have online databases where information about contractors is available.

6) Find out how long the contractor expects the project to take – Ask about the timeline for each stage of the work. If there will be a significant difference between initial bidding and completion, you may want to consider whether that company is realistic about its schedule.

7) Be sure they are willing and able to handle everything on your project – Make sure you find out whether or not a contractor has the skills to take care of anything you need to be done. You may just be looking for a painting contractor, but if they are more skilled at construction than interior work, then it’s probably better to go with someone else.

8) Ask how much money is required upfront – It’s essential to know this information before signing any contract.

9) Ensure the contractor can honor all their guarantees – Be wary of any contractor that doesn’t stand behind their work. If they don’t install what they promise, then you may be paying more money for a fix down the line.

10) Get everything in writing – Be sure that all agreements regarding work, cost, and schedule are written down. Write everything down yourself rather than relying on the contractor to remember every detail.

11) Check references – While a contractor may have a long list of clients on their website and boast about how many awards they’ve won in business publications, take the time to check.

What are the most important questions to ask a contractor?


Questions to ask a contractorPlenty. Here are a few important ones:

  1. What kind of licensure do you have or do you need? According to the Department of Labor and Industries (external link), there are about 35 different areas that require a license to be a contractor, according to the Department of Labor and Industries (external link). Occupations like plumbers, electricians, and landscapers must meet specific licensing requirements.
  2. Do you have a bond? It’s required by most cities and counties in Washington State. If your contractor doesn’t show up or does terrible work, the bond ensures he’ll pay.
  3. What kind of insurance do you have? Your general liability policy might not protect you from all damage done in a construction project. Ask about insurance on sub-contractors and damage to property you don’t own.
  4. Will you provide references? Ask for the names of former clients and call them before signing a contract. If the contractor is unwilling to name past customers, it may be because he hasn’t satisfied any.
  5. What kind of experience do you have? A contractor with years of experience can handle virtually any job.
  6. How long has your company been in business? A new company might not have the resources or experience to make sure your project goes right.
  7.  What’s the largest project you’ve completed? The biggest job shouldn’t scare a contractor, but if he claims it is his first time tackling anything of that scale, things could go badly.

What do I do if I am not happy during a construction project?

There is no one correct answer to this question. Each situation is different, and the first step towards resolution is to ask yourself: What was the original problem?The communication between contractor and customer may be a huge problem. The critical issue may be that you didn’t have all of your questions answered by the contractor before signing a contract. If a written contract is in place, you may be able to hold the contractor accountable for their work. If this is not an option, you will need to weigh your options and decide how you would like to resolve the situation.

Communication between customers and contractors is always essential for the smooth operation of any project. When things are going well, communication is something that you don’t even think about. It is a considerable problem when things are not going well, and the only way to resolve the situation is for both parties to communicate openly.

Since hiring a contractor is such an important decision, you want to make sure that your hire aligns with your needs and budget. We’ve provided some tips on avoiding costly mistakes by following these key steps: -Research before hiring so you know their credentials. -Ask for referrals from people who have hired them in the past. –Interview multiple contractors until you find someone who feels like they are a good fit for both your needs and your personality. Remember not to be afraid to call it quits if things don’t seem right! Our team at Metairie Roof Washing Pros can help take away much of this stress by partnering with you every step of the way as we work together cleaning your home.

Remember, choosing a contractor is an important decision and should not be taken lightly. Choose wisely! Metairie Roof Washing Pros is the premier pressure washing service in Metairie. We provide the highest level of customer service when working with you on your next project by keeping communication lines open throughout the entire process.

3 Reasons Why Cleaning Your Exterior Building is Necessary.

Commercial Pressure washingWhen it comes to the costs of exterior building cleaning, many people think that it’s just a few dollars or maybe even free. But did you know that if you don’t clean your exterior building, there could be severe problems in the future? Building washing is not only necessary for aesthetics purposes but also safety reasons. It can prevent mold and mildew from growing on the building, which will cost more money in the long run. Building washing can also help with pest control, preventing bugs and rodents from getting inside! In this article, we discuss six reasons why cleaning your exterior building is essential.
1) Building washing is necessary for aesthetics purposes
It may not seem like an issue at first, but it will eventually start to show signs of wear and tear if your exterior building isn’t washed. Building washing can enhance the look of any building by cleaning up dirt and grime that form over time or after a bad storm. Window cleaners are often used in conjunction with exterior building washing to ensure that windows are cleaned on the outside of the building as well. Building washing can also help solve problems like peeling paint, faded colors, and cracked siding by removing any buildup from these surfaces.
2) Building washing is necessary for safety reasons
Keeping your exterior building clean can help prevent any issues from cropping up in the future. Building washing will remove dangerous materials that could irritate people or cause harm to structures because of their proximity (ex: oil spills, etc.). Building washing also removes potentially harmful substances like lead paint, which used to be expected but is now banned in most cases. Building washing can also help prevent mold and mildew from starting to grow on your building which could cause serious health problems or requiring expensive repairs down the line.
3) Building washing can help with pest control
Pests like mice, rats, and roaches love to get inside of exterior buildings because it’s a cozy place for them. Building washing will remove any possible food sources that may exist in your facility, which would cause these pests to come running in the first place! Building washing will also keep insects away and prevent termites from eating away at your building.

Cost of commercial exterior pressure cleaning.

The rates of a commercial building cleaning service are not fixed. They vary according to the area to be cleaned and the time is taken to wash. Most companies or contractors charge you by the hour or per square foot of cleaning area. The price will also depend on what materials are used and equipment; it can even change depending upon how high up in your building they need to go for pressure washing services! Depending on which chemicals get mixed (and in what quantities), additional costs are associated with this exterior house-washing.

There are a couple of factors that influence the cost for commercial building washing. The size and scope of your project will result in different prices, as well as how big or small an area you require pressure wash services on. Building cleaning companies normally charge by time (per hour) or square feet to be cleaned; this is not always set.

Building washing is a necessary part of any commercial building’s maintenance. Building washing removes dirt, grime, and other contaminants from the exterior walls of your business. It also helps to protect against mold and mildew growth on the surface of your building. Building washing can be done with water only or with chemicals that are safe for people and pets. Building washing will help keep your business looking clean, fresh, and professional at all times! You could even get a free quote today by filling out this form! Request a free quote now!

Commercial buildings are large and complex structures that require a lot of upkeep. They’re also subject to the elements, so they need cleaning regularly to maintain their good looks.

Most companies don’t have enough time or employees to keep up with all of these tasks, which means that your business is losing customers because they see an unsightly building on your premises.

We’ve got you covered! With us you’ll get regular service from trained professionals who will make sure that your property always looks its best. You can rely on our pressure washing services for commercial properties in New Orleans, La, and the surrounding areas at competitive prices year-round!

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Thank you so much for taking the time to check out Metairie’s roof cleaning. we hope that you have found some useful information and will hope to see you soon. Make sure to give us a call at any time to set up your free consultation and quote.

My Beautiful Home was looking a little rough. I was tired of giving up my weekends to clean our home. It would take forever to clean one section. Well, I wised up and call Metairie Pressure washing. They are great.

Jimmy Bakk

My roof was dirty and now it’s clean. I was skeptical when my wife hired these guys. But to my surprise, the cleaning made a work of difference. I will definitely be recommending them in the future.

Joseph Applewhite

We used Metairie Roof Washing on our commercial parking lot. We needed to get it clean before we re-striped. The company worked with our local painting company to coordinate the best time to complete the project. Great company all around.

Janet King

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